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"Revelatory and timely, Latinnovating is vital reading for job seekers and career changers, as well as entrepreneurs seeking ideas on how to make their own businesses green." Former Simon & Schuster editor, Marcela Landres, author of the e-book How Editors Think

#2 Amazon Multicultural Bestseller, Multiple Award Winner; ISBN: 9780983476009


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DESCRIPTION: As the American green economy picks up momentum, what industries are being transformed for long-term sustainability? What opportunities await you as you begin your business career or your career transition? Which businesses are leading the transformation? What role is the Latino business community playing in this transformation and how can you join them? Who will be growing and hiring for years to come? How can you best position yourself to join the great green American wave? This book takes you inside organizations where real, long-term sustainable practices and innovations are happening today. It spotlights the Latinos and Latinas leading these companies, innovating new ideas and technologies to retool America’s energy grid, lighting systems, commercial printing, communication infrastructure and much more.

American Latinos have a historical and cultural bias to conserve and reuse resources. It's no wonder that today Latinos are at the forefront of many sustainable initiatives. Unfortunately, the average American employee and the mainstream American media have absolutely no idea of these innovations, contributions and opportunities. It’s time to change the conversation. You will read about:

  • Industry transformations and success stories of sustainable businesses
  • Who is creating long-term solutions for our new sustainable, green economy
  • How Latinos are applying their hard work, talent, education, innovative thinking, culturally-engrained environmental advocacy, and creative spirit to improve America for all Americans

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